Botanical Art Worldwide: South Africa to be held at the Everard Read Gallery on May 18, 2018

A worldwide collaboration linking people with plants through contemporary botanical art.
Over a dozen participating countries have joined together to link people to plants through botanical art. Hundreds of artists around the world will capture in paint, ink or pencil, plants native to their home countries to raise awareness of wild plant diversity.
Exhibitions of original contemporary botanical art will be curated by participating countries around the world based on an indigenous plants theme. Each country’s sponsoring organisation will schedule events for a Worldwide Day of Botanical Art to be held on May 18, 2018.  This 24-hour, around the world event, will maximise focus on the message: linking people with plants through contemporary botanical art.  All exhibition dates will include May 18, 2018. A digital compilation of images from all exhibitions worldwide will be shown at each participating venue, alongside that country’s original artworks.
Participating countries include Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States.
–          To present a cohesive message about the ability to link the world’s people with plants through botanical art.
–          To build partnerships and educate the global community about the worldwide renaissance in botanical art.
–          To increase appreciation and understanding of the world’s precious plant diversity and its interconnectedness.
–          To acknowledge and build upon the increasing connections between artists worldwide.
–          To maximize all these messages on an international stage.
The South African exhibition will be held in Johannesburg under the auspice of the Botanical Artists Association of Southern Africa, BAASA, in May 2018 at the Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.  The official opening will take place Thursday 17th May and the show will run for a month.
The Everard Read Gallery is the oldest commercial gallery in Africa and celebrated their centenary in 2013.  Built on this proud heritage is the present day contemporary gallery which represents the finest South African and international artists.
The hosting of the Worldwide Botanical Art Exhibition at this prestigious venue presents exciting opportunities for botanical art in South Africa and our botanical artists.
The image chosen for the exhibition logo is Mandala mundii by the Cape botanical artist Christiaan Lochner.  This beautifully painted specimen was exhibited on the Plant Exhibition.

Mandala mundii by Chris Lochner

Feel free to read more on the official Botanical Art World Wide Website Site
Or view the Native Plants of Southern Africa on the exhibition.
Artist looking for more information can find it here