Botanical artists at work

A friend sent me a pic of a botanical art studio in Rome.  I was fascinated.  There is an instant bond between people who are passionate about the same things, and there is also a little competition story happening at the same time.  In the Rome studio it looks like the artists are working by artificial light, working with the assistance of great magnifiers.  I would guess they get totally involved in the surface of the painting, the actual application of the paint and the detail.  The plant is on one side of the artist and the easel is almost upright.  Take a look at my setup.  I have natural light, which I adjust with different thicknesses of neutral curtains if the sun is too bright.  My microscope and magnifier are available to see fine detail, but I paint with just my natural vision.  My board is at a lower angle so my specimen is readily available for constant study.  I prefer the plant to be directly in front of me to avoid drawing errors caused by head movement.  I bet my painting is not quite as perfect as the Rome artists but for me, a magnifier separates me from the real world, it makes me feel like I am watching a movie.

So, if you have a studio set up that is different to the Romans, and mine in South Africa, do let us see …..

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