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Aristea Wines

I am so proud to have been commisioned to do the wine label for Aristea Wines, a partnership between three friends that have dared to dream of making the finest wines possible from the ancient lands of the Western Cape. Wines that not only capture their long years of combined experience but wines that will also reflect
their individual identity and bring great happiness.

Why Aristea?

Born from the ashes and found only in Madagascar and the Cape, the Aristea flower flourishes on land ravaged by fire, opening for just one day each year. It also symbolises the struggle, passion and dedication required to produce every new vintage of our special collection of handmade wines. Wines that express a sense of place, crafted with skill and adventure by friends united in a single purpose: to capture the elegance and spirit of South Africa.

Why do we paint?

Teaching is an extraordinary thing, I observe and learn a great deal as I share the information I have previously absorbed along the way.  So often I feel like a conduit, passing things on to others. Can it be that the act of drawing and painting is similar?

Botanical artists take information from the plants in front of us, observe the structure, colour, form and beauty of the flower, pass it through our eyes, our brains, our hands, and paint it for others to share.  The thing is each artist mingles up in the mix her or his own emotional and intellectual response to what they are seeing.  It becomes so much more than a direct visual representation.  It is a visual conversation that is recorded by the artist for others to share.

It is no wonder we all feel protective of our efforts to portray plants we love, each painting is also a painting about ourselves.