Erythrina latissima I by Elbe Joubert
ABOUT THE ARTIST: I was born in Standerton, studied at Pretoria Art Centre and taught art at the Rustenburg High School and fine arts and pottery at the Technical College. Later I established and am currently running an art school at home teaching fine arts, sculpting and botanical art. Since 1990 I have made botanical illustration my specialization, working mainly from live specimens in order to capture the sparkling essence of our diverse plant kingdom, adding the fauna from the area the species come from. I have works widely represented in South African and overseas collections, have exhibited at Everard Read Galleries, and in Kirstenbosch and London. At present I am working on illustrations for two books: the Agapanthus and Nerine species, and have had numerous illustrations published for Stellenbosch University, Kew Gardens, London and the University of the Western Cape.

Erythrina latissima I by Elbe Joubert

H750mm x W550mm
R32 000
© Elbe Joubert Domrose

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