botanical art


I love living in the Western Cape, one of the world’s richest botanical hot spots, a source of great inspiration.

Berzelia stokoei

I painted this rare endemic after watching it flowering in the Harold Porter Gardens over many years, its complex spirals and glorious reds are so attractive to me.  It was a mission!  The original painting is now held at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation in the United States.

Protea neriifolia

This plant was growing in our garden and I looked at it every day until I could resist no longer.  The furry icy pink bracts with the dark beard of the new flower contrasted with the dried flowerhead from the previous year and just had to be painted.  A mouse popped out from one of the dried heads, we both squeaked.

Cunonia capensis

Also known as the Rooi Els or Butterspoon tree, this graceful tree attracts hundreds of butterflies and other insects with its white candle-like flower spikes.  I was daunted at the thought of painting the flowers, but got so into them that I felt like a bee myself.

Haemanthus sanguineus

Painted for the Grootbos Florilegium, this is one painting that I have done that I really like.  Maybe it is the association with the project I have loved being a part of, but I think it is also that astonishing red flower that just emerges in the driest, hottest time of the year, then makes those lovely berries as the huge flat leaves start to appear.

Cotyledon orbiculata

Such a common plant throughout South Africa, this plant has medicinal qualities.  I do love their fat silvery leaves, which also gives the plant the name Pig’s Ears.  The flowers really attract me too, but I  loved trying to portray those succulent leaves and stems.

Bobartia indica

I was asked to paint this plant for a scientific illustration, it was growing on the road verge not too far from our house, and I managed to get my husband to stop so I could look at it.  I have never seen it again in that spot, but it was a great joy, with its lovely sunny flowers.

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